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Leading the change

Leading the Change: The UC Santa Cruz Strategic Plan

A collective vision for our future, Leading the Change: The UC Santa Cruz Strategic Plan outlines our goals and the path forward over the next decade.

UC Santa Cruz embarked on the process of developing a new strategic plan — Leading the Change — during the 2022–23 academic year. Building on Envision, a 2013 campus strategic plan, and the 2017 Strategic Academic Plan, Leading the Change is a shared vision that aligns with the university’s overarching goals, including enhancing student success, expanding research impact, fostering inclusivity, and improving operational efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. The process was carried out under the guidance of a steering committee and through the efforts of subcommittees to explore five thematic areas, each with dedicated committees involving diverse stakeholders from the campus community.

Download a PDF of Leading the Change: The UC Santa Cruz Strategic Plan.

Last modified: Apr 22, 2024