Steering Committee

Cynthia Larive, Chancellor, co-chair

Lori Kletzer, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, co-chair

Jasmine Alinder, Dean of Humanities, Convener of Divisional Deans, Professor of History

Akirah Bradley-Armstrong, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs and Success

Peter Biehl, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

Mark Delos Reyes Davis, Vice Chancellor University Relations

Jennifer Derr, Associate Professor of History, Founding Director, Center for the Middle East and North Africa

Elida Erickson, Sustainability Director Anna Finn, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff

Patty Gallagher, Professor, Theatre Arts, Academic Senate Chair

Jimmy Gomez, SUA President for Internal Affairs

Matthew Guthaus, Professor of Computer Science, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Baskin School of Engineering

Scott Hernandez-Jason, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Communications & Marketing

Sikina Jinnah, Professor of Environmental Studies

Sean Keilen, Professor of Literature, Provost of Porter College and Chair of the Council of College Provosts

Paul Koch, Dean, Physical & Biological Sciences, Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Sri Kurniawan, Professor of Computational Media John MacMillan, Vice Chancellor Research, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tomas Ocampo, GSA President

Celine Parreñas Shimizu, Dean of Arts, Distinguished Professor, Film & Digital Media

Anju Reejhsinghani, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Katie Ritchey, Psychology Graduate Advisor, Staff Advisory Board Chair

Beth Shapiro, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Director of Evolutionary Genomics

Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, Professor, Film and Digital Media, Faculty Director, Social Documentation Lab Staff support

Christina Armstrong, Special Advisor and Director of Strategic Initiatives

Jennifer Baszile, Associate Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Educational Partnerships

Matthew Mednick, Senate Executive Director

Last modified: Sep 25, 2023