Leading the Change Collaboration Series

Leading the Change: the UC Santa Cruz Strategic Plan included recommendations for opportunities for the research community to come together and collaborate across disciplines and methodologies to further enhance UCSC’s unique research strengths. To facilitate this recommendation, the Leading the Change Implementation Executive Committee requested proposals from faculty members interested in developing collaboration events that will provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary conversations and engagements. Funded proposals are listed below. This page will be updated as dates are confirmed.

Proposal: Reclaiming the lab coat: An immersive experience centering justice in research practices, processes, and policies
Primary Organizer: Rose Miyatsu, Genomics Institute
Co-Organizers: Sofie Salama, MCD Biology, Genomics Institute; Zia Isola, Genomics Institute; Ann Mc Cartney, Biomolecular Engineering, Genomics Institute; Karen Miga, Biomolecular engineering, Genomics Institute; Sadye Paez, Neurogenetics of Language Laboratory, Rockefeller University
Date: April 5, 2024

Proposal: Inclusive Sustainability: Fostering a Social and Ecologically Thriving and Resilient UCSC
Primary Organizer: Flora Lu, Environmental Studies
Co-Organizers: Elida Erickson, AVC for Strategic Initiatives and Sustainability; Angel Riotutar, Director, American Indian Resource Center
Ileana Brunetti, Co-Director, Sustainability Office; Rebecca Hernandez, Community Archivist; Nancy Kim, Executive Director, Resource Centers; Emily Murai, Lecturer, Environmental Studies; Tracy Liu, PoCSC Graduate Research Student; Jasmine Toledo, PoCSC Undergrad Student; Chris Mathura, PoCSC Undergrad Student; Amanda Moreno, PoCSC Undergrad Student; Natalie Twilegar, PoCSC Undergrad Student; Jude Sullenszino, PoCSC Undergrad Student; Izabella Layne, PoCSC Undergrad Student; Mikalea Mansilla, PoCSC Undergrad Student; Maya Mendoza, PoCSC Undergrad Student
Date: May 29, 2024

Proposal: Making the Most of Drone and Sensor Data: A Community Discussion
Primary Organizer: Katia Obraczka, Computer Science and Engineering
Co-Organizers: Becca Fenwick, UC Santa Cruz CITRIS Initiative for Drone Education and Research (CIDER); Michael Matkin, Executive
Director of CITRIS at UC Santa Cruz; Jeffrey Weekley, Director of Research IT, Information Technology Services
Date: Spring 2024

Proposal: Humanities in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Primary Organizer: Minghui Hu, History
Co-Organizer: Pranav Anand, Linguistics
Date: Fall 24

Proposal: Re-searching student research with e-portfolio assessment
Primary Organizer: Matt Sparke, Global and Community Health
Co-Organizers: Grant Hartzog (MCD/GCH), Margarita Azmitia (PSCH), Catherine Cooper (PSCH) Jody Green (Office of the Provost), Miguel Tirado (TLC), Laura Beth Bugg (GCH), Audrie Lin (METX), Jennifer Derr (HIST)
Date: Fall 2024

Proposal: What Counts as Learning: Diversifying Scholarship and Practices
Primary Organizer: Su-hua Wang, Psychology
Co-Organizers: Barbara Rogoff, Psychology; Cynthia Lewis, Education
Date: Winter 25

Proposal: Climate Justice Scholars Program – Research Showcase
Primary Organizer: Sikina Jinnah, Environmental Studies
Co-Organizer: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Astronomy and Center for Reimagining Leadership
Date: Spring 2025

Proposal: A Dawn and Two Dusks
Primary Organizer: Anna Friz, Film and Digital Media
Co-Organizer: Cid Pearlman, Performance Play and Design
Date: May 2025 (tentative date)

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